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Integral Nutrition offers a new approach to nutrition using integrative and functional nutrition to help you become the healthiest version of yourself!  We believe in the power of using whole foods, food as medicine, and targeted nutrition supplementation to help you accomplish your health and wellness goals.  Integral Nutrition was founded by Madeline Howard, a Registered Dietitian in South Portland, ME. It was founded on the idea of “Nutrition for Your Brain”, but it has grown into so much more!

A New Approach to Nutrition

Everyone’s biochemistry and physical make up is just a bit different. Integral Nutrition takes the best from conventional and functional medicine practice to help you achieve your goals–to find the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you.  At Integral Nutrition,  we have seen how food and lifestyle changes can have a tremendous impact on an individual’s quality of life.

Are You....

What We Do:

Personalized Plans

We offer 1:1 nutrition coaching and weekly support to help you accomplish your goals and become the happiest healthiest version of yourself.

Whole Food Nutrition

Whole foods are the best source of nutrients. We build a personalized plan using whole foods to provide the nourishment your body needs.


Food as Medicine

We believe that food can be used as medicine to treat chronic conditions and disease states.

Are you ready to become the happiest healthiest version of yourself and achieve optimal wellness?

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All clients will have free access to their own Healthie app and online portal. Track your food with photo food logging, track your weight, take selfie progress photos, schedule your sessions, message and video chat me directly- right from your phone!

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