A New Approach to Nutrition

My name is Madeline Howard and I am a registered dietitian. I founded Integral Nutrition because I saw a need in my community and the surrounding communities for nutrition counseling that focused on integrative and functional nutrition. I became interested in this area over a year ago when I started writing my blog, The Distracted Dietitian. I started this blog to provide insight on managing ADHD symptoms with nutrition. Over the last year, I discovered the significant role that nutrition plays in managing ADHD. This exploration led me to attend different conferences, trainings and webinar that opened my eyes to integrative and functional nutrition. I learned about the gut brain axis, the human microbiome, and how chronic disease is often linked to nutrient deficiencies. With all this new knowledge, I was ready to start helping others become the healthiest versions of themselves.


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My Story

I grew up in outside Chicago, IL, but went to high school, college and graduate school in New England. I moved to Maine from Boston in 2015 to complete my dietetic internship. After passing the RD exam August of 2015, I began working as a dietitian and moved to South Portland, ME with my husband. I have worked in a variety of settings over the last two years. When I am not working, I love cooking and being outside. My husband and I love skiing and hiking. We love spending time with Champ, our golden retriever.

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