Are you?

  • Trying to gain control over your health?
  • Looking for more energy?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the diet information out there?
  • Familiar with what is healthy, but can’t seem to stick with it?

Let Me Come to You

With video-based virtual nutrition coaching through the Healthie app, it’s easier to make yourself a priority no matter where your busy schedule takes you.

A New Approach To Nutrition

At Integral Nutrition, we believe in taking an integrative and functional approach to nutrition. Integrative and functional dietitians believe that food is medicine and use testing, detailed analysis, and an individualized approach to get to the true cause, rather than simply addressing the symptoms. Let Integral Nutrition help you rediscover the joy of eating and become the happiest healthiest version of yourself.

Balance Body & Mind

At Integral Nutrition, we believe a balanced body and mind are essential for finding optimal wellness and becoming the healthiest version of yourself.

Food as Medicine

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Whole Food Nutrition

Rediscover the joy of eating through guided nutrition coaching in the comfort of your own home using virtual nutrition counseling through the Healthie app. A personalized approach designed to fit your lifestyle.

Our Nutrition Packages

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Not sure what service is right for you?

I offer a complimentary 10-minute phone call where you can get to know me better and ask any questions you may have. Together we will determine the package that is the right fit for you.