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Did you know that the bacteria in your gut and your ADHD symptoms might be connected? I certainly didn’t until I began researching for this week’s nutrient-probiotics.  I recently learned about the gut-brain continuum and decided to explore this topic in more detail this week. The gut-brain axis must be considered when managing any type of neurological condition, including ADHD. The gut micro-biome is controlled by the enteric nervous system. It has over 100 million neurons and 30 neurotransmitters and it is where 95% of the body’s serotonin is found. The gut micro-biome has the ability to modulate brain activity, specifically mood and behavior.  The healthy microbes found in probiotics are needed, at the minimum, to provide the micro-biome with the good bacteria it needs to correct any imbalance. Probiotics are healthy microbes that can regulate the bacteria in the gut micro-biome and as a result, can modulate brain activity. If the bacteria in the gut micro-biome can contribute to mood and behavior, then someone with ADHD needs to ensure healthy microbes are present.  Probiotics are the healthy microbes that the gut micro-biome needs. Research suggests that individuals with ADHD are more likely to have an imbalanced micro-biome (dysbiosis) and/or “leaky gut” (intestinal permeability). As a result, these individuals tend to have intestinal Candida, which is a yeast found in the gastrointestinal tract and can disrupt normal GI function. Candida and other bacteria overgrowth release toxins that can contribute to mood and behavior, which is why correcting this imbalance is so important for people with ADHD and other brain conditions.

So, what should you take away from today’s post? If anything, you should make sure you include probiotics in your diet.  If you have ADHD and struggle with GI problems, you may want to consider a probiotic supplement to improve the imbalance in your micro-biome. In the meantime, you should try this Grilled Salmon with a Miso Glaze that is packed with probiotics to help you get some of the healthy bacteria that your gut needs.

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I would love to hear from you! How do you get your dose of healthy bacteria? Please share in a comment.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for my post on the sources of probiotics and ways to get the healthy bacteria you need through diet. If you are interested in receiving new articles, recipes, tips and more, please subscribe to my newsletter to receive updates via email. Thanks for reading!

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